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Day 3

Not much new today except that I got some decent sleep last night!!  Thank you Lucky for sleeping through the night!!  He is still playful and bored!!!  I gave him a couple of his favorite toys and he played for a long time.  I spent a little less time in the room with him today, trying to wean him off of me as I have to return to work on Monday.  Doug watched for a bit so I actually got a shower today!!!

I am weaning him off of buprenorphine instead of just stopping it.  He seems to do a bit better when on it. I spoke to the vet today (they finally did a call back to see how he was doing) and requested a couple more days of buprenorphine.  We get that tomorrow as well as more gabapentin.

Lucky’s bruise is almost gone!!  He seems to be healing a lot quicker than what I expected.  Maybe it’s because he is so young.  He does have a quiver in his flank that comes and goes.  It’s like he is trying to shake water off his paw.  I’ve seen him when he needs his ear scratched (we are also treating both ears for a yeast infection) and this quiver is different from that.

One thought on “Day 3”

  1. Great Job, AGAIN, Barb, for getting more meds and weaning off the bup. We did the same slow and steady and watch for pain signals with Lucky as your gauge.

    YAAY on shower and sleep!

    Quiver is common; the brain is still sending signals to that limb. Purrkins still tries using his missing limb 4 years 7 months later. As long as he does not go after the no limb in an aggressive, fast, manner and not agitated, it’s normal!

    Our duty as tripawd parents is to assist with some scratching & spoil them rotten!

    Glad to see things are going so well! WHOO HOO!
    Hugs & a chin scratch to Lucky, please!
    Holly & Purrkins 💝💝💝

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